This module is very much efficient for creating jobs that may range for a long time. This module can help in creating multiple jobs under one project and also you can estimate the expense breakdown in that particular project and other statistical features for that one project

Here how it goes:

- As you can see this the major outlook for the project module

- Here you can create multiple project where you can multiple tickets under that one project itself

1) Here you can create a new project:

-As you can see there are multiple arrows on the dashboard each describing its own properties.

    - Projects: The projects that are created on a certain date that will have multiple tickets as jobs

    - Income Statement: It will have properties including income, cost and profit of that particular


    - Profit margins wrt income: It will show a percentage of profit related to that particular project.

    - Outstanding amount: It actually shows the amount that needs to be collected and the amount that is overdue after a certain amount of time.

    - Start and End time: The start and end time of that particular project is portrayed under that dashboard.

    - Status: It will contain three types of the status of the project; open, in progress, complete.

    - Progress: It will  summarize the percentage of progress for that project.


- Click on the add button to start the new project

- It will start a new project

When you start a new project this window will Popped up:


It will contain:

- Start and end date: By default it will be ranged for a month and can be customized accordingly.

- A checkbox can also be checked or unchecked when the end of the project is undefined.

- Notes can be added for reference to identify or get insight about that particular project.

- Customer details: Here you can select address under which you want to create a new project

- You can also create a new address clicking on the blue link below with a plus sign.

- After this step it will be normal and usual just like you create a new customer under customer module


- You can create a new project name in this bar.

- You can also add an existing ticket under that new project for that specific service address.

3) Once had created a new [-project , click on that project and it will take you to a new window.

- Here you can see multiple filters to to sort out your desired ticket you want to

- You can create a new ticket just like you usually do by clicking on that add button and it pop the same window just how usually a ticket is created.

Once the ticket is created click on that ticket and it will take to job details of that particular ticket.

Once you open that ticket kindly go to invoice/estimate module where you can create an estimate or an invoice directly.

4. You can add the line items and when you get approval from your customer after a signature, save it, and then you can create an invoice.

Here is how you can create an invoice.

This window will pop up and you will get three option to customize your invoice accordingly

-The first represents that you want to send your customer the whole invoice and don't want to customize anything.

-The second is the percentage of that line item price.

- You can customize the amount according to your wish for that line item.

- Here you can add the percentage or amount accordingly to customize the invoice.

- After you update that invoice it will redirect to the invoice/estimate module where you can see how many estimates and invoices are overall created.


- These tiles can show the overall progress 

- You can see overall experience breakdown, profit loss margin, amount, revenue and progress for each job and that project in overall.

- Here you can estimate the cost vs the actual budget and forecast the values.

- You can also edit, calculate the project costing just like job costing, add existing invoice or estimates or tickets to that project and also download the overall report of that project.

- Edit:

- Project costing:

- Others:

- Reports:

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