Calculating the profitability of your projects is crucial for the success of any business. With the Job Costing feature, you can efficiently determine your profit and profit percentage for each job you undertake. Here's how to make the most of this feature:

Step 1: Track Billable Hours -

Begin by accurately recording the billable hours of your technicians. This information will be crucial in determining the revenue generated by each job.

Step 2: Open a Ticket with Job Cost Module -


When initiating a new project, make sure to open a ticket and select the Job Cost module. This will ensure that all relevant data is captured for analysis.

Step 3: Navigate to Job Costing Feature -

Once in the Job Cost module, you'll find a comprehensive breakdown of the job's financials. This includes the total revenue, technician billable hours, material costs, and any additional expenses incurred.

Step 4: Add Additional Expenses -

If there are any extra costs associated with the project, you can easily add them within the Job Costing feature. This ensures that all expenses are accounted for in your profitability analysis.

Step 5: Review Profit Metrics -

Finally, take a moment to review the profit percentage and total profit generated by the job. These metrics provide valuable insights into the financial performance of your projects.