STEP 1. Go to the edit estimate template and click on the insert button.

STEP 2. The URL which you need to input in Insert link pop up for estimate template is -

(This is the link associated with the form when you opens up the form from the web platform)

You can change the "Text to display" as well.

STEP 3. Save the template.
STEP 4. When you will click on the email button of estimate this link will be shown in the email template.
STEP 5. You can make this default by this toggle button. (optional)

STEP 6. Email the estimate to your customer or if your technician is working on the field they can open the form by clicking on this link and take the customer's signature.

 If you email the estimate then your end-customer will see the form's link as shown in the attached screenshot -
On clicking this link, the WA Disclosure form will open in a new tab. Your customer needs to download the form and open it to add their signature and then again attach the form to the respective email and send it back to you.