1. Login to the SmartServ Web app: v2.smartserv.io with Admin/Dispatcher Credentials

  1. Once logged in click “Customers” on the black banner

  1. Use the search box on the right hand side of the screen, right above your customer list to look up the customer details. Use complete key words like Name, street address, Phone Number etc.

  1. Once after searching the customer click on the account to display the list of service locations.

  1. Once the service locations show up then click on the edit symbol corresponding to the location towards the right to get into the account.

  1. Once after clicking the edit symbol you should be directed to the following screen for the customer.

    7. Click on Forms & Checklists to access the tab on the customer window.

 8. On the Forms & Checklists tab you find 2 different sections titled Checklists & Forms.

9. On the Forms & Checklists tab you will be able to see the Ticket Number, the date & time the form was created & also the details of the technician who created the form. The option to download the form is towards the right of each form & checklist.