1. Search the customer and click on the account to display the list of service locations.

2. Once the service locations show up, click on the edit symbol corresponding to the location towards the right to get into the account.

3. You would be directed to the following screen for the service location.

4. Click on Equipment to access the tab on the customer window.

5. Click on “Add Equipment”.

6. After clicking on “Add Equipment” you see the below window with the option to fill in the details.

  1. Model - Mandatory - Enter the model number of the equipment to be added

  2. Serial Number - Serial Number of the equipment

  3. Brand - Brand of the equipment

  4. Location - Location of the equipment at the service location

  5. Age - Age of the equipment if available

  6. Type - Equipment Type - Ex: Furnace, Air Conditioner, Heater, etc.

  7. Condition - Select the current condition of the equipment

  8. Installation Date: Install date of the equipment if available

  9. Warranty Expiration Date: the Warranty expiration date of the equipment

  10. Notes - Any specific details you need to add for the equipment

  11. Attachments - img, jpeg, png. Max File Size 5 MB

7. Once all the details are added, click the "Add" option to associate equipment to the service location.