1. Search for the customer and click on the edit icon of the customer billing address. Upon clicking edit you will be routed to the customer page. (Latest View)

2. Click on Service location to view all service locations associated with the billing address.

3. You have the option to create a new service address, as well as a search option to find the desired service location.

4. Addition of new service location -
When you click on ‘Add Service Address’, a pop-up appears wherein you can go ahead and add the required details to create a new service location under any particular billing customer.

5. Edit the existing service location -
Click on the edit icon to make changes to the existing customer service address.

Upon clicking edit you will see a pop-up similar to the one which appeared when clicked on ‘Add New Customer’. Although, here you’ll be able to see the details of the existing service address which can be edited and saved.

6. Upon clicking on any service address you will be routed to the service address page. It will look similar to the billing address page.

The service location page will have similar sub-tabs as the billing page, except there will be two additional tabs ‘Service Agreement(s)’ and ‘Equipment’ which is associated with the service