1. Search for the billing customer and click on the edit icon of the customer billing address

Upon clicking edit you will be routed to the main customer page.

2. Click on invoices/estimates sub-tabs to view the invoices/estimates associated with the billing address.

3. You have the option to filter the invoices and estimates by Job-status, Invoice Status, Payment Status, Created by and Invoice Date for both invoices and estimates.

For estimates, you have an option to filter by Estimate status and the search option is available as well.

4. Upon filtering the invoices and estimates you will get all the information about the respective invoices and estimates as a snippet as shown below.


Invoices will show the Invoice Date and number, Job type, and the name of the user who created the invoice, Invoice amount including taxes, Total invoices amount, Invoice Status (Open, voided, Completed), Payment Status (Open or Completed) and an option to Download the Invoice.


Similarly, the estimate section will show the Estimate Number, Date, Created date, Created by, Estimate amount with tax, Estimate Total, Estimate Status (Open, Sold) and an option to Download the estimate.

5. To open an invoice/estimate, you can click anywhere on the invoice/estimate. You will be then routed to a new page where the invoice will be opened. Also, by just taking your cursor on "i" icon you will be able to see invoice/estimate summary.