We are coming up with an all-at-one-glance feature which you would love to see and this is none other than the dashboard which will help you to monitor your business based on various parameters such as Total Revenue, Number of Tickets created, Total number of Service Agreement sold and many more.

Here is a short summary of what you can expect in our new Dashboard.

Where will it be visible:
      - There is an option called Dashboard now on the top menu.

When you click on it, a Dashboard with all the business attributes will open.

Here, you can also apply filters to see narrow down the search results. You can select a month and the year to see the data for the particular month.

Who can access:  

    Currently, only an Admin of the account can access the dashboard.

What details will be visible:
1. Revenue: The dashboard will show the total revenue earned for the particular month that is selected.

2. Revenue Missed: This is the total value of un-approved line items.

3. Revenue Trend: The dashboard will show you the data for each day.

4. Total Revenue: Total revenue for the month.

5. Outstanding Amount: This is the amount due for the month.

6. Total Jobs Avg: This is the average value of all jobs.

7. Memberships Sold: The total number of Service Agreement sold are shown here.

8. Tickets Created: The total number of tickets created for the month are shown here.

9. Jobs Completed: This shows the total number of completed jobs in the particular month.

10. Tickets Scheduled: This shows the total number of jobs scheduled for the month.

11. Total Cancellations: The total number of canceled jobs are shown here.

At last, we would also request you to share your valuable feedback so that we can match your expectations and let us know if you have any questions.

Feel free to email us at support@smartserv.io or call us at (206) 826 - 9074.