In  “Notes” you can see: 

  • All the notes (from office and technician) associated with that ticket
  • Reminders for office to follow-up (if there are any added by the technician on field)

  • To edit any of the existing note (to update the reminders), click on the edit blue button.

- Click on the "Edit" button of the particular note, will give the pop-up as shown below. 

- Here you can "Create/Edit" the reminders on the existing notes, add files and add the new note for additional information to display. 

- You can also mark a reminder as complete by clicking on the “Followed Up” checkbox. 


Once the changes on the note are saved, the note will be updated on the list .


- You can delete the reminders by clicking on the "X" mark in the reminder dropdown. 

** Any reminders and notes added from the iPad by the technician will also come up here .

For how to add reminders and notes through the iPad, please refer this document Setup Reminders

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