For starters let's understand the difference between a checklist and a form. 

- Checklist basically will be a list of items for the technicians to keep a track of, for example note down the manufacturing date of the material, when any material is to be replaced. 

- A form is very similar to checklist ; only difference is, instead of creating a checklist , company can upload editable PDF forms, which technician can edit from iPad and save a copy.


You can add checklists for your technicians .

1. Go to Settings -> Checklist/Forms.

2. Click on "+ Add checklist".

3. Add a checklist name, the checklist item and the type of the item.

For example : If the checklist item is a motor replacement then the type can be Yes/No, so that when the technician goes through the checklist on the field they can mark it either as a Yes or No .


You can also add forms for technicians to track customer information and needs.

1. Go to Settings -> Checklist/Forms.

2. Click on "+ Attach Forms". 

3. Choose a file from your system and click on Open.

The form will be uploaded onto SmartServ.