Once you have added a checklist you can fill it up on field. 

1. Click on the checklist added and Select equipment by clicking “Choose Equipment” that you will be performing a Checklist on. (Need to add Equipment in Equipment tab first to select from top dropdown).

2. Select Equipment you will be performing the Checklist on.

3. Mark condition for certain items. (Might be useful if you'd like to inform both the Office/Customer of items to be aware of).

4. We can mark the condition of a checklist item as critical also by clicking on the exclamation sign and background color will turn to red for tat particular checklist item .

5. Input values: Numeric, Text, Date, Yes/No or N/A. (These can only be edited via the Web.)

6. Add notes for customer below line items.

7. Click the top left button to save the checklist. 

**Since the checklist is saving, you can see the status against the checklist as “Checklist not yet saved”.

7. Once the checklist is saved, the status “Not yet saved” will disappear and the “Show in invoice” appears.

8. For checklist items you can include these in the invoice to the customer by toggling the button below “Show in Invoice”.Green indicates the saved checklist will be included in the invoice to customer.