To use the "Map". Please follow the below listed process.

1. Click on the “Map” tab on the top of the SmartServ web view interface. Please refer the picture below.


2. Once you are on the Map page, you can  select each Technician separately and see all the Jobs of the selected "Technicians"                      scheduled for the day plotted on the Map. Please refer the picture below.

3. The Red icon indicates the current location of the technician and the Blue icon indicates the tickets assigned to that technician for         the day. On clicking the Red icon, you can see the Technician's Name and his last updated time and on clicking the Blue icon, you         can see the Ticket Details in a glance. 

4. If you click on "ROUTE", it will show the fastest Route from the Technician's current location to all his Jobs for the day in a                      sequential manner.

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