To view and export the Service Agreements. please follow the below mentioned process.

1. You can view the service agreements by clicking on the "Service Agreement" option on the top of the SmartServ web view interface. Please refer the picture below.

2. You can sort the service agreements based on whether it is "Expiring" or "Upcoming" by clicking on the Expiring service agreements or Upcoming Service Agreements. You can also view the All Service Agreements in one go by clicking on the All Service Agreements. Please refer the picture below

3. You can also sort the Service Agreements for a certain time period by selecting the date range, Terms of agreement by selecting the Ongoing, fixed or all option on Agreement Term and Payment mode by selecting one time, recurring or all option. Please refer the picture below.

4. To export the Service Agreement, Click on the "Reports". then click on "Expiring Service Agreement Report" or "Active Service Agreement Report" under operations Report  based on your requirement. Please refer the picture below.

5. After clicking on it select the date range and click on the "Export Report". Please refer the picture below.


The Service Agreement would be downloaded in the CSV format.                            

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