You can add a new employee or manage existing employee's details under 'Employee' tab in Settings.

Edit Details:

Step 1: Click on the option called "+Add New Employee".

Step 2: Once you click on the option "+Add Employee", you can add an Employee Photo, Personal Information, and also set their permission in the company (i.e. Administrator, Service Manager, Technician, Dispatcher, or Helper ). 

Below are the 5 types of roles depending on the privileges:

1. Administrator: Highest privileges enabled (ability to change items in “Settings” related to job types and invoices). Ability to log into the Web platform of SmartServ.
2. Service Manager: Second level of privileges enabled. Ability to log into the Web and iPad platform of SmartServ.
3. Dispatcher: Third level of privileges enabled. Ability to log into only Web platform of SmartServ.
4. Technician: Third level of privileges enabled. Ability to log into only iPad platform of SmartServ.
5. Apprentices/Helper: No ability to log into SmartServ. They are visible on the scheduler for a job ticket.

Step 3Add email id which will be their user name to login. 

Please note: The email's should be different for each user since that will be the username while logging on to the platform.

Step 4:  Set a Password with the following characteristics:

                Length of the password should be minimum 8, and maximum 24 characters

                Have at least one lower case, one upper case and one number

Step 5: Please press the "Save" button after all the information is input. 

**Administrators can also edit the details for existing user by clicking on "Edit" button.

**Administrators can disable an employee by clicking on the red “X” button.


Administrators can reset a user’s password by clicking on the "Key icon". 


To Add A New Group (useful for grouping technicians by type of job or expertise, etc), click on the “Add New Group” button at the bottom of the Employees screen. 

Now you can name your group, and select the relevant technicians to add to the group.