1. Go to SPIFFs under Settings

2. Click on the "+ Add new SPIFF Template" to add a SPIFF. 

3. Once you click on it, you'll see a pop up where you can add the SPIFF Template. Add the template name and line item and click on Save.

4. Click on the blue "Edit" button available next to each SPIFF template to make any further changes.

On the main SPIFF screen you will view all the SPIFFs added by technician along with the ticket number.

You can refer this link to to understand how to add SPIFF from iPad, Adding SPIFF from iPad

You can see your submitted SPIFF forms and their status. You can also filter by date, technician and status.Lets take a look at the form we just submitted.


Upon clicking on the SPIFF row, the following screen will pop up. 

This will show you the SPIFF’s details, along with give you options to “Decline” the SPIFF, or “Approve” it in order to apply it for the technician’s records.

The SPIFF has now been approved and appears on the SPIFF lists, with it’s revised status.