• Here you are able to view and manage Time Cards for your business. 
  • When searching for a specific Time Card, you can filter by Date and Technician.
  • You can also check for Last Day/Week/Year Time Cards. 

          **If a Time Card isn't showing up - be sure to check the filters.

1. Click the "Add New Time Card Entry" to continue. 

Here you can select a Technician from the dropdown menu and enter in the following information:

  • Ticket #
  • Travel Time to/from customer address

  • Start & End Date

2. Click either Save or Save and Approve - the latter is useful if you want to sign off on this specific time card immediately.

  **You can also create a Time Card for a Custom Task if it is not associated with a specific ticket number. 

Once saved, you will be returned to the Time Card overview page and the timecard will appear in the available list. 

**If you don’t find it, please use the date filters and you will be able to see it. 

In order to “Approve” or “Decline” a time card, you have to select it individually by marking the checkbox next to the technician’s name. (or you can mark multiple at the same time).

After selection, you have the option of “Decline All” or “Approve All” timecards that have been selected in order to change their status for your payroll purposes.

After changing the time card’s status to “Approve”, you will see the change appropriately reflect on the time cards page. 

To export all the Time Card entries on the CSV file, please click on the “Export CSV” on left side of the list as shown.

For already existing time cards click on the blue 'Edit' icon towards the right of the timecard.  A pop like shown below will open where you can make necessary changes.

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