In order to edit a customer, we need to follow the below mentioned steps.

1. Click on the 'Customer' option from the main dashboard or from the banner at the top once you login to the web app. You will see a list of the customers.

2. Now search for the customer with their names or the address and click on the edit option which is in blue square.

Once clicked, you will get a pop-up to edit the Billing Location details as shown below:

3. Right under the billing location screen you have the details of all the service locations associated with the billing address. Click on the "Edit" option which is in blue square. Once the Service location is edited/updated click on the 'Save' option to save the changes.

4. Now click on the History. You will see ticket history for that service location as shown below. Click on the ticket number pointed with red arrow to check the details. 

5. Click on the Equipment tab to see the list of the equipment tab for the service location. Click on the edit button for the details 

     on the particular equipment. 

6. To add a new equipment, click on the "+Add New Equipment" button in the black square box and enter the details. 

7. To deactivate any of the equipment, click on the “X” button pointed in red arrow and it will be greyed/locked out.

8. Clicking on the edit button allows you to edit the details on the existing equipment and once done, save the changes by clicking on        “Apply”.

    These changes will be available for the technician in the filed on their iOS app.

9. In the Service Agreement tab you get the list of the service agreements associated with the equipment. To edit any of the details of       the service agreement, click on the row. 

10. To add a new service agreement, click on “+Add New Service Agreement” button in the black square box.

    Note: The service agreement can only be added if there is a piece of equipment available for the service location. If not, first add the                                   equipment details in order to add the service agreement plan for that equipment.

11. Click on the "Apply" after making any changes in the Service Agreement.

All the details on Service Agreements will be available to the technicians in the field on iOS app so that they will have an opportunity to recommend a Service Agreement along with invoicing if the existing agreement is expiring.

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