Go to the web portal of SmartServ by clicking on this and login with your credentials.

Now a dashboard will open in front of you. You have to look for the “Customers” tab, on the top-most panel, as shown below:

1. Click on the "+ Add New Customer". 

2. Enter billing address details as shown below.

3. Once done, click on “Save”.

Note: As soon as you hit the "Save" button, the billing address will be created along with its primary service location which will have the same details as Billing Location.

Add New Service Location

1. Once the customer billing details are saved, scroll down to add the service address location.  Click on the "+" Add new service location to add a location.

2. Enter the new service location details as shown below.

3. Click on Save button and the customer will be added. 

**To edit or delete any of the service address details, click on the "Edit" blue button or “X” button respectively.

Once the edit button for one of the service addresses is clicked, the following pop-up will appear.

You can add, edit, or view these following informations for the new customer: 

     -- View Previous Job history . 

-- Add/Edit Equipment. 

-- Add/Edit Service Agreement. 

4. Edit the service address details. Once done with all the edits, click on “Save”.