Add Service Agreement Template

1. Go to the Settings tab -> Invoice sub-tab.

2. Click on '+ Add Service Agreement'.

3. To add a Service Agreement template, you can enter the name of the maintenance plan, the discount tier involved, the frequency of next visits and the investment amount.

4. On the next screen you can add the various benefits that the customer will receive. 

5. Click on "Done".

Here is a short video of creating a service agreement: How to create Service Agreement .

NoteYou would need to create Separate service agreements for different cycles(Monthly/Annual/Semi Annual).

Here are the steps how you can access them.

When you add a Service Agreement from Settings >> Invoicing and then Add Service Agreement, you will be able to add it to a customer by going to the Customers tab >> Search for the customer >> Click on the Service Location of the customer and Add an Equipment >> After you add an equipment, you can add a Service Agreement for the Customer.

Once you add the Service Agreement for the customer, you will then be able to view it from the Service Agreement tab as shown below:

If you select any customer with a Service Agreement, you would be able to view the Service Agreement details and also schedule a visit directly from here by clicking on Schedule Visit as shown below:

Once you click on the Schedule Visit option, the Create new ticket window pops up where you need to select the Equipment, Check the box to Cover the ticket under a Service Agreement and also check the box that would let you choose the Service Agreement as shown below:

Once the ticket is created, it will list under the Scheduled Visits as shown below:


  • When you are creating a ticket, once you add the service address, you can choose the equipment associated with that service address. 

  • Once you choose the equipment you will see all the service agreements associated with that equipment.

  • You can choose any agreement from the list, but you will have to check the "Cover under Service Agreement" box (Choose an equipment first) else you will see a pop up asking whether the service agreement needs to be applied to the ticket. 

Here is a short video for your reference: Attach Service agreement