When you arrive on the home screen, you can search for the ticket to edit the details by searching with the filters shown – to find a ticket which has an estimate/invoice, filter accordingly as shown below.


1. Click on specific ticket you need to create an estimate/invoice for OR Click on the row/edit button.

2. Once clicked on the specific ticket, click on the “Invoice/Estimate” sub-tab. 
3. To create new invoice/estimate, click on the “+ ADD NEW INVOICE” or “+ ADD NEW ESTIMATE” buttons.

The next page will display the customer details, job description and invoice details. Here you can create, edit, and manage line items within each estimate/invoice.

4. To add a Line Item, Click the blue button "+ Line Item”.

5. Delete any line items by clicking on the red “X”.

**You can also create Custom Line Items or search for existing Fixed Price Line Items.

6. After you have selected the line item, you can edit the “status” of the line item (*only for estimates*), associate it with a service agreement plan, select tiers and edit unit price/quantity, if applicable.

NOTE: On fixed item line items, price is automatically entered in for you.  


In an estimate, if a customer does not “approve” a specific line item, you have the option of keeping it on the estimate, but denoting the status as “not approved”. This information is added to the customer’s service history and can be vital to use next time for recommendations, or upselling opportunities.

Any notes (service summary) that are entered into an estimate/invoice will be customer facing – the customer has the option to view these, depending on your customized company settings.

Once the estimate has been saved, the following options are available:

  • Download Estimate (for emailing or printing purposes)

  • Clone Estimate

  • Generate Invoice from Estimate

We have opted to generate an invoice from the estimate. This duplicates the estimate. On the Invoice/Estimate screen, you will now be able to see:

  • Original estimate that was created

  • Cloned invoice that was created

The invoice view is similar to the estimates’. At the bottom of the invoice, you can view the following: 

  • Trip Charge (ie. dependent on distance traveled for technician to customer)

  • Add Discount

  • Edit Prepaid/Credit (ie. Under Service Agreement: customers might have received a credit from their last appointment)

Here are more sections that can be edited on the invoice. 

  • Tax section is automated and is determined based on location of Service Address of customer.

  • Payment Type can be selected from the respective dropdown lists.

In the case you would like to enter in payment for an invoice, you can select the “Pay” black button on the bottom of the screen after selecting the Payment Type.

This will auto-populate the following pop-up. You can edit the amount of payment that is to be collected and then confirm by clicking “Pay”.

This will auto-populate the following pop-up. You can edit the amount of payment that is to be collected and then confirm by clicking “Pay”. 

After payment has been captured, you will notice:

  • Payment Collected amount has been auto-populated

  • Net Amount Due has been updated. If the customer did not pay in total (split payments), the remaining balance will show. 

  • Payment Collected Status has been changed to “Yes”.

Once a payment has been recorded, a Payment History will be maintained. 

This will show the amount collected by the user, payment mode, and authorization code and/or memos for credit card and check transactions.

Both dispatchers and technicians have the ability to edit or delete payment history (other than credit card transactions) by clicking on the appropriate buttons.