To see the scheduler, click on the “Scheduler” tab. 

You can do the following: 

  • See the daily or weekly view of the schedule of the technicians by clicking on either day or week on top left corner of the screen. 

  • 24 hours scheduling (Can be set by going to Settings → Service).

    Once you check this option any jobs scheduled in the after hours , for example jobs scheduled after 6PM can be viewed by choosing the time slot 6PM-12AM.

Once a job ticket has been scheduled, it will be visible on the schedule board. 

  • Moving the cursor to any of the time blocks will give a pop-up with the following details: Customer name, address location, job start and end type, job description and driving time for the technicians.
  • Clicking on the block will display the ticket details.

If there are two jobs are assigned to the same technician on the same day, the travel time is calculated and shown in the scheduler. 

You can also drag and drop of the job ticket in the scheduler.

Different colors are shown for different job status - 

Blue Color for open jobs 

Green Color for complete jobs

Purple color for the rescheduled job

Grey color for unassigned jobs

- Jobs with urgent status will be marked with an exclamation at the top of the job ticket.

- Jobs under service agreements will be marked with a red dot  at the bottom of the job ticket.

Any unassigned job tickets will show up at the bottom of the scheduler in Grey color which you can drag and drop to any slot of any technician. 

You can also Add time off for the technicians from the Scheduler tab.


You can create the tickets in the scheduler by double clicking on the a slot of any technician. 

Once you double click the Create Ticket popup will show where you can enter in the job description and other details.

You can also create tickets in another way from the scheduler tab.

1. To add the new ticket, click on the “+ Add New Ticket” black button.

2. Once clicked, you will get the pop up shown below. You can enter in:

  • Job description/notes for your technicians/internal team to see

  • Identify/create the customer. Search for the existing customer in the box or if it’s a new customer, create one by clicking on “Create a new address”

  • Select Work Code: Service Job/ Install Job.

  • Add Job Estimate Hours for bid jobs

  • Select the job type and equipment associated with the service address. You can also attach a file or mark the job as “Urgent” status.

    For more information on Creating tickets, please refer Create Tickets.