Let's check out the Billing tab. Click the billing tab in the bottom right corner.

Here you can create new Estimates and Invoices. In addition you can do the following...

  • Add line items

  • Add Material

  • Add Service Agreements

  • Collect Payment Information on Invoices

  • Add Discount

  • Collect Customer Signature

  • Email Invoice or Estimate to customers 

  • Convert Estimates to Invoices


These are the list of things that you can add in an invoice.

1. Line Item : You can add single/multiple line items. You can choose the line item from the list or you can also add a custom line item. 

When you choose a line item you'll see the below screen where you can add the quantity and the edit the rate of the line item (if in the Setting this feature is enabled).


You can also add a Service Agreement discount for a particular line item. 

  1.  After adding a line item , select a SA  from the dropdown, select a pricing tier from the dropdown, number of units and the price of the line item. 

  2. Under the total price of the line item, the discount amount after availing the SA discount for this line item will be displayed (in brackets). 

Once this is done you can save the line item and proceed towards the next step.

Trip Charge : You can manually enter the trip charge or if in the service address you have added a minimum visit charge(added from Settings>>Invoicing) the trip charge will be auto populated.

Customer discount:

The total customer discount is calculated from the collective individual discounts added for each line item. 

When a discount is added for the line item, the total amount and the discounted amount will be shown. 

The discounted amount will be the amount in the total customer discount field.

Additional Discount: 

            Additional discount can be chosen from the dropdown (Discount Template added via web Service>>Invoicing>>Non-SA tiers)

Additional Fee:

            Additional Fee can be chosen from the dropdown (Surcharge Template added via web Service>>Invoicing>>Non-SA tiers)

Location Code :     

        Click on the box of the location code and you'll see a list of location codes. Choose any one from the list and the tax a of amount the location will be calculated automatically. 

The total amount along with the tax amount and the discounts will be calculated.