Go to Checklists/Forms tab in iPad.

1. Click the "+" icon in the top right corner. 

2. Select 'Add Forms'.

3. Choose a form from the list and the the form will be saved to the ticket.


Offline Form Feature: 

You can use this feature offline as well.

If the form was not synced due to low network connectivity, it gives a pop-up asking to transfer forms whenever you are in a better network connectivity. 

Click on “Yes” to save the form on iPad and then run the sync. 

Once “Yes, transfer form” is clicked, it shows the progress bar on the saving.

Note: Always switch on the “Auto Sync” on Settings.

If the Auto Sync on Settings in ON, then the sync will happen automatically (only when the app is opened) when the network is good and then the form sync is successful. 

Once the forms are synced, you can select one or more forms from the list and then attach them to the email to send it to the customer. 

Here, the forms with blue dots are selected to add to the customer email.

Once the selection is done, click on “Email forms” which will take it to the email app on the iPad.

From the previous selection, you can see the forms are now attached to the email and it can be sent to the office and/or the customer.