From the Notes section of the iPad, you can perform the following functions:

  • View existing notes input by office
  • New notes can be created 

  • Create reminders for office

  • Pictures: Take pictures and share with office

  • Auto population of invoice/estimate notes


1. Create the notes in the text box. To save the notes, click the save button at the top.

2. Attach photos (i.e., Before & After photos of finished assignment) by clicking on the top right corner attachment icon .


You can set Reminders and send this info to the office (i.e., Follow-up appointments or you might be waiting for ordered equipment to arrive, etc.).

 1. Click on the “Clock” icon on the top and select the date to save by clicking “Save”.

2. Once the reminder date is saved, it will be shown in the screen. To change the date, delete the existing reminder and create a new one.

3. Once Notes and reminders are saved, the Office/Dispatcher can view these via the Notes tab for each Ticket.

This is the final notes tab view when the text notes, pictures and reminders are saved.