We will be covering the Setting section on the iPad, You can perform the following functions on the settings portion:

1. Send a Feedback to our Support Team

2. Call in our Support Number

3. Check Version

4. Have Auto Sync Turned on/off (Auto sync allows your app to communicate with the office for updating work orders)

5. Clear Cache & Reset account.

6. Logging Out

How to go to the Settings drop down?

To do this, click on the Related image icon right next to Task Calendar:

1. Send feedback to our Support team?

From the settings drop down, after selecting the send feedback, it will take you to a new compose Email window. You can type down your feedback and email it out to us.


2. Our Support Number & App Version:

Our Support Number allows you to reach out to us in case of any emergency or the app not functioning on your iPad. You can also see the App version to make sure you're always on the most updated version of SmartServ.

3. What does The "Auto Sync" Option do?

If any of the data is not synced due to low network coverage area, the auto sync option(if kept on) ensures the sync goes through when you're connected back to the network.

Make sure to Switch On the Auto Sync toggle button so that it ensures the sync of the forms, checklists, estimates, invoices when the network is good. 

4. Clearing Cache, Reset Account and Logging out:

Clearing the Cache and “Reset Account” does a basic troubleshooting of getting the app back to functioning if you're stuck at any point. You can perform these steps when you are stuck out in the field.

Note:  Make sure all the unsaved invoices, estimates, forms, checklists are synced and then only log out of the app.

“Log Out” will Log you out of SmartServ