In the mobile dashboard, you can navigate and manage Ticket Details, Notes, Equipment at Customer Location, Checklist/Forms, and Billing (for Estimates & Invoices).

This is the home screen from here you can see the following tabs:

  • Details: Customer information, History, Job description and ticket specific time card
  • Recommendations: Previous work not performed on past estimates. Estimates can be referred to via History button off Details tab

  • Notes: Pictures, Internal Notes, other attachments and follow up reminders for office

  • Equipment: Existing and new equipment

  • Checklist/Forms: Maintenance/Start-up checklists and custom forms

  • Billing: Estimates/Invoices for billing from field. 

Any tickets or tasks scheduled for the calendar day will be shown in the task calendar as job cards. If there are no tickets or tasks for the day you will see a blank screen like the one above.

Click the icon in the upper left corner or swipe from left edge of screen to view the left tab - Task Calendar view. 

Here you can see the following tabs:

  • Task Calendar with Job Cards(#, Type etc.)
  • Calendar of Jobs (Day/Month/Week)

  • Time Cards Dashboard

  • Notification List

  • SPIFF Dashboard

  • Settings - The small gear icon

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